Aerial Lift Operator Theory (Includes Practical Evaluation)


Course Date: February 13, 2020


Member Price: $150

Associate Member Price: $250

Non-Member Price: $450

Availability: Regional and Site Specific

Prerequisite: Fall Protection Training

Please be advised that the Aerial regional training does not include the practical portion. The  practical exam must be done on site where operator will be exposed to the site specific hazards.  Please contact Dani Desautels to book a date and time for the practical portion to be completed. The operator will receive their operational license once the practical has been successfully completed.


Aerial lift incidents can cause significant injuries and deaths as well as extensive property damage. Legislation states that Powered Mobile Equipment (PME) operators require extensive training that includes: duties, operation, terminology, inspection and maintenance among others. Legislation requires training before an operator is considered competent (classroom & practical).


This course will provide learners with an understanding of aerial lift terminology and safety principles, the ability to safely operate and inspect an aerial lift and assess and control hazards on site. Upon successful completion of this course a certificate, and/or wallet card where applicable, will be mailed to the student.


This course is designed to meet or exceed provincial legislation and industry best practices.

Duration and materials

The course includes five hours of theory and includes a written test as well as a practical evaluation. Learners will receive a manual which includes excerpts of the applicable legislation.

Regional sessions require the employer to book time for the practical portion of the training that is required to be done on the employers site.

Target audience

This course is designed to certify all aerial lift operators, regardless of their position within the company.

Specific learning

Topics include an overview of the parts of an aerial lift, important safety principles, assessing hazards, safe operation and inspection of aerial lifts. Instruction includes information different types of aerial lifts (scissor, boom).